Top 25 TSMs of 2012

25. Nothing ruins your Friday like realizing it’s Tuesday. TSM.

24. “This is my sister, ____! We were just talking about ____!” TSM.

23. “Guess who texted me.” TSM.

22. Ran out of “Never have I evers,” so we started playing “Don’t judge me but…” TSM.

21. I want to have twins one day. A boy and a girl so I can match his bow tie and her hair bow. TSM.

20. The fact that Pinterest is invite only. TSM.

19. Knowing that frat guys are the biggest assholes…but still refusing to date a GDI. TSM.

18. Always wearing lace just in case. TSM.

17. My sorority doesn’t have a crappy rap video. TSM.

16. Is it wrong that I get really mad when geeds share TSMs on Facebook? TSM.

15. Just drink until it’s not awkward anymore. TSM.

14. Knowing the difference between a sorority girl and a girl in a sorority. TSM.

13. The “I hope you see me not seeing you” walk-by. TSM.

12. We all have three iPhone keyboards: English, Greek, and Emoji. TSM.

11. I like Lilly, and I like pearls, but I love holding my soldier for the first time in 3 years. TSM.

10. Who are all these girls that are so hopeless in the kitchen all they can make you is a sandwich? TSM.

9. I didn’t pledge a top house, but after 4 years of hard work I’m graduating from one. TSM.

8. My life would be complete if Victoria’s Secret Pink made a sorority collection. TSM.

7. Saying “haze” in a sorority is like saying “bomb” in an airport. TSM.

6. Every girl before me was a mistake, and every girl after me will be a downgrade. TSM.

5. He proposed with a monogram necklace that had his last initial. TSM.

4. High heels, high GPA, high class, and high standards. TSM.

3. I have a constant internal battle about whether to be classy or give zero fucks. TSM.

2. Wishing the TFM Sweethearts had their sorority listed under their bio so I could judge them more efficiently. TSM.

1. My mom passed away before I went to college so I never knew I was a legacy…and I ended up in her sorority anyway. TSM.

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