Tons Of Students Get STDs After School Tells Them Not To Have Sex


Having sex is bad. It’s dangerous, it’s dirty, and it’s uncomfortable. If you have sex before you’re married, there’s a 100 percent chance that you’re going to hell. Even if you don’t believe in hell. That’s where you’re going.

This is what a high school in Texas has been teaching its students. Okay, maybe not verbatim, but instead of a “safe-sex” education program, they focus on an “abstinence-only” education. That’s annoying on its own, because let’s be real for a second. The only thing that’s better than sex is being a high school student learning about sex in class. You get to be in a room filled with your friends, everyone says “penis” a lot, and your teacher looks like he or she wants to die. The jokes. The uncomfortable laughter. Throwing condoms around the classroom before pocketing a few and glancing at your bf like “yeah babe, it’s happening (maybe).” It’s the actual best.

But no. The students at Crane High School in Texas didn’t get that. Instead they got chlamydia.

In an ironic (while also hilariously unfortunate) twist, 20 students from the area recently contracted the STD. Which is shitty, considering that fact that there are only about 300 kids at the school. But how could this happen? Didn’t these students know that having sex out of wedlock was bad? Duh. But they also didn’t give AF, because they’re in high school, and they’re horny, and they didn’t have any condoms because the sex-ed class that normally hands out condoms doesn’t exist for them.

As if they didn’t have enough problems in high school. Throw chlamydia in the mix. And right before summer? SMH.

Honestly though, treating chlamydia is super easy. I mean, I don’t know first hand. But like, a friend told me. So at the end of the day, finding out you have the big “C” isn’t that big of a deal. You take some antibiotics and you’re good as new. Sort of. As long as you catch it early, you’re fine. Otherwise your genitals can shrivel up and you can’t have babies. Or something like that.

Despite the fact that the school should be teaching students about sex, and these kid should know better than to bone bag-less, it’s still kind of funny. And I hate to say it, but at the end of the day, when push comes to thrust, the school kind of won in this. Yeah, they look super gross and now they’re looking to change their sex-ed program (thank God) but lets be real. They warned the kids about this. It even says in the handbook that they would tell the students:

…That abstinence is the only method that is 100 percent effective in preventing pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and the emotional trauma associated either adolescent sexual activity.

Crane High School: 1. Students: 0.

[via CBS 7, Crane Independent School District Student Handbook]

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