To The Littles: What Your Big Is Doing Right Now

Big Little

Big/little is like if you took dating and then added a million times more pressure to it. You choose your sorority and all your sisters, and now you’re picking your sister. Your person. As a sophomore preparing to write the list of littles I want, I think back on my freshman year. I was terrified that none of the girls would write my name and I would just be the little sister no one wanted. Now that I am on the other side I can see that I was so, so mistaken. Because literally every potential little is precious and everyone wants her.

If you are a soon-to-be little right now, you are a hot commodity. We want you. Your entire pledge class is like a bunch of Serena Van Der Woodsens and we are the Lonely Boy who is oddly obsessed with you. Because you’re perfect. Yes that sounds creepy and that’s because it is. We are creepy. We have stalked every social media page you have and we know every single thing about you from the theme of your elementary school birthday party to the middle name of your senior prom date. We know it all. But we don’t tell you that.

Back to my opening statement: Big/little is like dating. If you went on a real date with a guy and clued him in to the fact that you can name every single one of his ex-girlfriends, that date would be ending promptly and there would not be a follow-up. Likewise, with littles you can’t scare them away by coming in too hot. So we invite you to hang out with us, like your Instagrams, favorite your tweets, all so we can let you know we’re interested, without coming on too strong. And while we’re carefully calculating every like and favorite, you can bet we’re obsessing over every social media interaction you initiate, because “OMG she liked my picture, she must like me back, she’s going to be my little!”

Just so you know, we casually mark you as our territory. We are the mama bear and we claim you as our little baby cub and we won’t give you up without a fight. We do it politely and with class as we ask each other who we want. If someone replies that they, without a doubt, want this girl: she’s perfect, I have to have her, I’m in love; then you better be backing it up. The heart wants what it wants, and you don’t mess with fate. And if you try to, it will get real messy, real fast. Not that we’ll let you see that, however.

So littles, while you toss and turn at night, wondering who your big will be and maybe hoping for someone in particular, I assure you that you can sleep soundly. Know that your big is wide awake, crafting her heart out for you. And more than that, know that she wanted you more than anything. The hard-core girl crushing that goes on during big/little is one of the cutest, most cut-throat, and dedicated states your big will ever be in. So enjoy it and smile. Because your big really, really loves you.

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