Tinder For Puppies Is Now A Thing

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While tirelessly Tindering, it’s easy to face a conundrum of epic proportions: the human in the picture is meh, but the puppy is perfection. Luckily, a new app lets you replace the monotonous and sometimes sketchy search for a potential mate with adorable, adoptable mutts.

Bark & Co., the company that created BarkBox, recently launched BarkBuddy to pair people with dogs available for adoption at nearby shelters. The creation of BarkBuddy means your procrastination can finally be philanthropic. There are already 250,000 dogs in the database, so start swiping before you miss out on a new best bud. Even if you’re not looking to adopt because puppies are work, you can download the app for a quick pick-me-up–especially when you’re over Tinder pickup lines. After all, everyone knows dogs take better selfies than humans do.

After you download the app, you list your puppy preferences: size, age, and gender. BarkBuddy then finds dogs in your area for you to browse. After some steady swiping, the app uses an algorithm to determine what types of dogs you’re interested in. If only Tinder worked the same way, right?

BarkBuddy sounds easier and more entertaining than Tinder. Plus, at the end of the day, your dog has to love you back. Boys can be more difficult to convince, unfortunately. This app isn’t the first to target single folks looking for significant others. Back in February, OkCupid placed targeted ads to help find pets their forever homes.

Once you spot your new best friend, you add the pup to your list of favorites. Then, you call the shelter to set up a meeting. The best part? This meet-cute doesn’t require you to ask the puppy to wear a red flower behind its little ear to find you. Only four days after the app launched, six dogs and 35 cats found homes. I can’t help but wonder if Tinder has had the same success rate.

[via Time]

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