Tinder Finally Banned All The Teeny Boppers

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I never really got into Tinder. I mean, I definitely respect the idea of yay or naying a guy in a fashion similar to online shopping. But the selection was usually no bueno, and the amount of terrible pickup lines the average girl receives in a five minute span on the app is appalling. I deleted the thing after figuring out that most of the guys who have pictures with puppies don’t actually own those puppies. Those tricky dickeys.

But Tinder is apparently prepared to bounce back into the world of online “dating” by adding some improvements, including banning people under the age of 18. Starting next week, the app will no longer allow kids age 13-17 to join the fun. Which raises the question, why the fuck were 13-year-olds on there in the first place? Shouldn’t they be off climbing trees and making terrible makeup decisions, instead of ogling teenage perves online? I guess Tinder agrees, because they released the following statement:

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I think this decision is definitely a smart one. It must be pretty annoying for guys to match with an 8th grader who’s opening line is “hey whatsup I’m 14 not 19 lol.” Tinder’s VP of Communications claims they “believe it’s the right thing to do,” and I couldn’t agree more. Not that I would ever redownload it again.

[via Tech Crunch]

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