Tina Fey Says The “Mean Girls” Musical Will Premiere On October 3rd

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Three years ago it was confirmed that Tina Fey and her husband were starting to develop plans for a “Mean Girls” musical, but since then there’s been nothing. No word on whether Lindsay Lohan will reprise her iconic role as Cady Heron, or if it’ll be any different from the movie, or really anything.

But none of that even matters, because the show has a premiere date. And yes, it is October 3rd. Because, obviously.

Tina Fey has been incredibly busy this year working on a film with her BFF Amy Poehler called “Sisters”, but now she’s ready to give the “Mean Girls” musical the attention it deserves.

“We’ve been working on television, television is the ruiner of all things,” Fey tells Digital Spy. “But we’re getting back to work in January. I’ve cleared the New Year.”

Tina Fey has a good ten months to get everything absolutely perfect, and if the show isn’t ready, she insists the show will NOT go on.

“We have to time it so we open on October 3rd, so if we miss it this year, we gotta go a year later,” Tina says.

All hail Tina Fey.

[via Marie Claire]

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