Tina Fey Lip-Synced Beyoncé With The “Kimmy Schmidt” People And It’s All Just Wonderful

Every once in a while, despite the fact that we’re all horrible people, some really great things happen in our lives. The teacher decided to throw our class a pizza party. Our boss decided to give us a raise even though we do absolutely nothing. And our favorite female comedian of all time lip-syncs one of our favorite songs of all time by our favorite singer of all time with some of our favorite television cast of all time.

Last night Tituss Burgess (who plays Titus Andromedon on “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”) posted a beautiful video to Instagram. In it he, his co-star, Jane Krakowski, and writer/creator/all around Goddess of a person, Tina Fey were all lip-syncing “Flawless” by Beyoncé.

Which is ironic because they are all, in fact, flawless.

This comes right after the announcement that “Kimmy” is moving to Netflix for good, and that season two is going to start filming any day now. Despite the literal zero restrictions placed on the show now, Tina Fey said that the concept, feel, and tone of the comedy will stay the same: wholesome.

From USA Today:

The tone of the show does feel set,” says Fey, who enjoys hearing that parents watch it with their children. “I would hate to ruin that in Season 2. So tonally, I don’t think you’ll hear profanity or see nudity.

This proves what we’ve always known: that literally every celebrity flies in private airplanes, Netflix is officially running the world, and that Tina Fey is both flawless and FTK. Ugh, we’re not worthy.

[via USA Today, Entertain This, Instagram / Tituss Burgess]

Image via Instagram / Tituss Burgess

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