Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Host SNL, Amy Schumer Shows Up And They All Made Fun Of Taylor Swift

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Tina and Amy are the dream team of female comedy. From “Mean Girls” to television shows, to books we actually wanted to read, we grew up with the original #BestFriendGoals dream team. Last night, in promotion for their new movie, “Sisters,” our girls returned to their roots and hosted “Saturday Night Live.” And unshockingly, they knocked it out of the park. So in case you were too busy getting drunk or stalking your exes on Instagram to watch last night, here are some of the best sketches. Try not to cry from happiness when literally everyone we love shows up.

The opening monologue.

Guys meet their future second wives, and they’re pretty much infants.

Hillary, Past Hillary, and Sarah Palin all come together to discuss the presidential race.

Tina, Amy, and Maya Rudolph gossip about everything and they’re basically all of us.

Everyone celebrates the holidays by being very unsober.

A very import movie for the future of female equality.

Tina, Amy, and the other Amy (Schumer) make fun of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” and it’s everything you’d hoped it would be.

And in case you just can’t get enough, some of Amy and Tina’s best moments on SNL.

Ugh, they keep us young.

[via Saturday Night Live]

Image via NBC

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