Throwback Thursday: Jonathon Taylor Thomas

Throwback Thursday: Jonathon Taylor Thomas

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to childhood crushes, there was only one man for me. Sure, there were a few miscellaneous boy band members whom I found attractive, and I had definitely gone to bat over a certain actor who starred in a box office hit about a boat, but when it came down to it, the only object of my 1990’s desire was the one and only Jonathon Taylor Thomas. JTT, as he was better known at the height of his fame, was the ultimate 90’s hottie, a perfectly suitable crush for any pre-teen or teenage girl. In today’s world, middle and elementary school aged girls look up to punks like Justin Bieber (who I still can’t tell apart from Rachel Maddow, for the record) for wall poster material, but I think it’s time to honor every 90’s girl’s ultimate celebrity crush: JTT.

Looking back, I can’t confidently say whether or not JTT was actually as hot as the world made him out to be. I mean, sure he was, at face value, attractive, but he also had a bowl cut. Regardless of whether I would give him a second glance if I saw him at the bar today, he was still the hottest guy ever in the 90s. I had “JTT” doodled with hearts into all of my Lisa Frank notebooks. I mean, how could you not love the hottest brother of the hottest three brothers on everyone’s favorite family comedy? He was known for being the smart one on the show, and Jonathon Taylor Thomas proved to every little 90’s girl that it was possible to have brains and beauty.

While Home Improvement is obviously his best known work, I think it’s also important to note Jonathon voiced young Simba. This also gave him major points in my book, because I’m pretty sure Simba was the cutest, most cuddly Disney character ever. Looking back, I think his whole singing thing might have been a little gay, but at the time, I couldn’t care. He also played a puppet in the live action adaptation of Pinocchio, which would be really weird if it were anyone else, but for him, it just worked.

Jonathon Taylor Thomas also made it cool to have only first names. Think about it. If it weren’t for him, would the likes of Stephen Tyler, Mariah Carey, Liv Tyler, and Michael Scott exist under said stage names? I mean, probably, but either way, I’m still maintaining JTT was the innovator of it all.

JTT is a total throwback hottie because he absolutely disappeared from Hollywood after Home Improvement ended. He didn’t go on to be a troubled star with a future full of drug abuse and DUI arrests. He like, became boring and went to college, or something. Either way, his entire career and his hotness, as well as the merchandise it spawned, remain completely in the late 90’s. Also, he’s 31 now, so let that sink in.

So today, while you’re busy staring at some guy’s frat swoop in your English Comp class, take a moment to remember the first haircut that made us all swoon: the one on the beautiful head of the best has-been child star ever, Jonathon Taylor Thomas.

Oh, wait, I just googled him, and he’s still totally hot. JTT, if you’re reading this, feel free to call me, ok?

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