Three Alarming Ways Technology Is Ruining Friendship

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Our generation is an interesting one, because we’re caught between old school ways and the wave of technology that we now find ourselves living in. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with having a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tinder all at once. Why should I? These apps were designed to kill time and have fun, and I think they’re pretty cool. But either way, the app-run world we live in now has given us some ideas that just can’t be right, so listen up, new age: some of the older folks still make good points. Here are some things we really need to stop doing.

1. We subtweet people we actually care about.
Okay, okay, yeah, I’ve done it, too. Hell, I still do it, but that doesn’t make it okay. It really isn’t okay at all. Unless you think getting two favorites on your stupid tweet is worth starting a problem, or you want to add fuel to the fire and be flat out irritating, NOTHING good comes from this. Guys don’t get hints and girls don’t want them. This isn’t the eighth grade, so take some advice from the older generation and handle your problem directly. If you can’t do that, it can’t really be that serious of a problem, so you should let it go.

2. We judge people who take selfies.
I get irritated by the handful of girls (and guys) whose faces I see every single day on my Instagram timeline just as much as the rest of y’all. But hey, if they think they look good and they want to show it off, that’s not my business, or anyone’s, really. Leave ’em alone, and remember that real friends like each others’ selfies.

3. We think that creepily stalking someone is normal.
We all check up on everyone: friends, brothers, sisters, boyfriends, literally everyone. I check to make sure I’m still my best friend’s best friend on Snapchat. It’s what I do, and I’m sure most of us are like that. When you get to the point of stalking people’s Instagram accounts to the beginning of time, searching through their Twitter favorites, or tracking their Snapchat points and best friends, you might (definitely) need to cool it. We, as a generation, refuse to admit that we are controlled by social media and the Internet, but how much control do we really have if we only focus on searching through what should be a fun, non-controlling pastime, looking for reasons to be mad? I understand and support protectiveness and awareness and all of those things, but if the level of trust isn’t there, no amount of cyberstalking will create it for us in any of our relationships. There’s also nothing cool or cute about a guy liking your IG picture from 13 weeks back (that’s creepy) or favoriting a month-old tweet, so why would it be cute for us to do it?

It’s not.

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