Thoughts Going Through Your Mind As You Text-Bomb A Boy Who’s Ignoring You

Thoughts Going Through Your Mind While You Text-Bomb A Boy Who's Ignoring You

1:25 PM- “Heyy”
Ok, this is good. I’m letting him know I’m thinking about him but not letting too much on. I added two “y’s”, because that means I’m interested in the possibility of a hookup. Anything more than two is slutty. Ok. He’ll respond. Good.

1:30 PM- *No response*
Wait. What did I say wrong? Why isn’t he responding? I’ll give it a few more minutes.

1:45 PM- *No response
Okay. What the fuck. Did I seem too needy? Did he not get it? I wonder if he doesn’t have his phone on him. I don’t want to look like a psycho. I’ll just send another one to let him know I’m alive.

1:47 PM- “How’s your day going? What are you up to?”
DAMN IT. WHY DID YOU ASK TWO QUESTIONS!? Great, now I seem like a psycho stalker. True, I kind of am a psycho as I’ve been scoping out his Facebook and Twitter activity to make sure I’m not outright being ignored, but now I look like a psycho. Fuck.

2:28 PM- *No response
God fucking damn it. Did I say something THAT wrong to deserve no acknowledgement whatsoever? Am I that crazy and needy? Shit. I should say something to make myself look as if I don’t care about him.

2:41 PM- “Okay, well I’m super busy all day, just wanted to say hey.”
Good job. Now he knows I’m not busy because I took the time out of my day to let him know how packed my schedule is. Why did I just do that? Does he hate me? What did I do wrong!?

3:36 PM- “Are you mad at me?”
This is a pretty straightforward response. Did I get so drunk last night and make an ass out of myself and not remember? FUCK. Why am I such an idiot!?

4:02 PM- “Look, I’m sorry for whatever it was I did last night. I don’t usually get like that.”
Or do I? What did I even do to deserve this vow of silence he’s taken against me? Did I say something wrong? WHY CAN’T I SHUT UP AND JUST IGNORE HIM!? I need to know what the hell I did wrong!

5:21 PM- “Okay, seriously, the least you can do is acknowledge what’s going on.”
I might seem clingy, but he’s being a dick for not even talking to me. If I fucked up, he should at least tell me. Oh God. I fucked up so bad. And now I’m just being annoying by continuing to harass him. DAMN IT.

5:43 PM- “Okay, I get it. I’m sorry, okay? And I’m sorry to blow up your phone all day, I just think it’s ridiculous that everything was fine last night and all of a sudden today you can’t even talk to me.”
Alright, fine, it’s done. Great, I’ve screwed something up without even realizing I was doing so. Well I hope he’s happy. I guess I should nap before I go out.< 7:39 PM- *No response…still*
Okay really, NOTHING!? NOTHING?! Who the hell just DOESN’T respond to someone? If I were mad at someone, I would let them know, I wouldn’t just ignore them and let them bask in their own misery all day. This guy is a jackass. Why doesn’t he like me?

8:02 PM- *OH. HE’S ALIVE:* “Hey….sorry…my phone was off all day….I was golfing…um…what the hell?”


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