This Woman’s INSANE Engagement Ring Will Make Your Pinterest Boards Look Normal


If you’re like me, you are an unengaged female with the exact idea of the engagement ring you want at some undetermined point in the future. For example, mine is a 2.5 carat circle stone in a platinum Yurman cable crossover setting. Some people would say that without an engagement in sight, this seems “crazy.” To those people, I say “look at this engagement ring and say that to me again.”

Carlee Leifkes just achieved the American Dream. No, I’m not talking about getting a stellar job or owning property. She achieved something infinitely more rare and difficult — she got a man to actually commit to her forever with the ring of her dreams. The ring was custom built just for her, which is super romantic, right? Check it out.

So incredibly excited to marry my best friend, the man who knows that his wisdom tooth means more to me than a diamond….

Posted by Carlee Alisan Leifkes on Monday, November 2, 2015

That center stone isn’t a pearl though — take a closer look. It’s actually her fiancé’s wisdom tooth. No, I’m not shitting you. Buzzfeed reports that Leifkes was overjoyed. She went on to say that, “We have never been the ‘traditional couple,’ why the heck start now?” Uh, I don’t know? You could always serve mac and cheese at your reception or wear an off-color dress. That isn’t exactly the way I would choose to show off my quirky nature, but hey, she’s the one with the ring, not me. At least this way she can say that no matter what, she always carries a piece of her man with her. Literally.

You do you girl, but after seeing this I only have one thing to say regarding my 10,000 pins and extraordinarily detailed imaginary wedding plans: No one ever tell me that I’m crazy again.

[via Buzzfeed]

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