This Woman Found An Acrylic Nail In Her Taco Bell And Oh My God I’m Throwing Up

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Taco Bell is an absolute godsend, and provides the perfect dangerously caloric meal to top off a night of heavy binge drinking. There’s nothing quite like shoving handful of nachos loaded with mystery meat down your throat, and then waking up at 8 A.M. to throw it all up when your stomach is eventually like, “NOPE.” It’s a staple in any college student’s diet, and although it’s killing our bodies and probably making our hangovers even worse, we literally eat that shit up.

One Florida woman will likely avoid the fast food restaurant from now on, and after hearing her story, you might, too. Kailynn Roland recently took an impromptu trip to the ‘Bell with her boyfriend for some late night nachos. Halfway through her meal, she found a full-length, acrylic, French-tip fingernail chilling at the bottom of her food.

Roland freaked out (obviously), and promptly called the Taco Bell to complain. The manager then gave her the wrong number to the corporate offices, because Taco Bell apparently cannot do anything right. She had the following incredibly profound thoughts to say on the matter:

“It was gross. I puked.”

No shit. I gagged just thinking about it.

The worst part about this story is that the nachos were actually a replacement order, because Taco Bell fucked up her first order. Okay, maybe that isn’t the worst part. But it’s still a notable aspect of this shitstorm, along with the fact that the couple was offered a mere $40 in gift cards to make up for this disgusting incident. As if they will ever be returning to Taco Bell after an event as traumatizing as this.

[via Fox 13]

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