This Woman Created A Series Of Break Up Cakes, Because What’s Sweeter Than A Hot Plate Of Rejection?

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For centuries, women and men alike have combated the pain of breakups by indulging in the occasional calorie overload. Everyone knows how beneficial it can be to O.D. on ice cream after losing that special someone who may or may not have meant a lot to you. It may be a temporary fix for a bigger issue, but, at least, the stomachache you get at the end of your binge fest will make your heart break seem a little less painful.

A Brooklyn-based woman is taking this idea to the next level. Designer Isabella Giancarlo has created “a series of words remembered from break-ups, reimagined as something sweet.” What that means is that she’s taken your go-to breakup lines and plastered them on all your favorite desserts, because nothing says “we’re done” quite like a cake that literally says “we’re done.”


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I definitely think she nailed the concept, but I’d like to see the other side of breakups represented. It would be dope to find a pie that says “You’re a degenerate piece of shit” or “Why the fuck did you sleep with that whore?” I’m guessing that the artist’s objective was mainly artistic and not meant to be applicable to real life, but I don’t care. The idea of cushioning the blow all while fattening the guy up enough so that no other girl wants him is pure evil genius, and I’m into it. This concept is too good not to steal, and I’ve officially decided that this is how I plan to end my next relationship.

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