This Woman Can Lift A Surfboard (Among Other Things) With Her Vagina

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I like to think I’m pretty good at being a girl. I shave my legs (occasionally), run walk a few miles (to the liquor store) every week, and always keep my eyebrow game on fleek. There are so many things it takes to be a girl, and I’m painfully average at most of them. But now there’s one more thing we’re expected to do, and I can’t, in good conscious, participate. I’m talking about exercising our vaginas.

Kim Anami, creator and master of what she calls Vaginal Kung Fu, swears that by lifting things with your vagina, you can drastically improve your sex life. She says that since she started working out her vagina, her and her partner noticed a difference immediately, and now Anami can have ten or fifteen orgasms… IN A ROW. Sign me up.

To turn your vagina into a heavy-lifting champion, all you need is a jade egg with a hole drilled in it and a loop of string. Anami can lift things that are ten pounds or less, like a small coffee table or a bag of groceries, and calls her strong vag “a brilliant domestic tool.” Here are a few things Anami has lifted with her vagina:

A seashell:

A photo posted by Kim Anami (@kimanami) on

An Oscar Award:

A photo posted by Kim Anami (@kimanami) on

A coconut:

A photo posted by Kim Anami (@kimanami) on

A surfboard:

A photo posted by Kim Anami (@kimanami) on

And most surprising, a piece of the Berlin wall:

A photo posted by Kim Anami (@kimanami) on

Anami is currently traveling all across the world in an effort to spread the vaginal kung fu movement. She’s incredibly passionate about teaching women to have “ultimate mastery” over their vaginas, which is weird because I thought those old men in Congress had that? Strange.

“I really want people to transform from the inside out and what I’ve seen over and over again is that how we show up in bed is how we show up in life and you can actually change a lot of about your life when you examine your sexual expression and you try to shift and change patterns that you have and reconnect to your sexual self,” said Anami.

I usually show up in bed a little tipsy and too lazy to get on top, so I guess that makes sense.

You can check out Anami’s “emotional, mental, physical and spiritual reboot for the vagina” here, and follow her adventures on Instagram with the hashtag #thingsiliftwithmyvagina if you want to cringe really, really hard at every picture.

[via The Mirror]

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