This “Un-Invitation” To A Wedding Is The Biggest Power Move We’ve Ever Seen

Married to wine

When it comes to wedding planning, we have our shit on lock. We know the color scheme (white and light teal), the theme (rustic chic), and who our bridesmaids will be (sorority sister, sorority sister, high school friend, sorority sister). The only aspect that most of us still bounce back and forth over is the guest list. There are some people who you can’t quite decide if they deserve an invitation. You know, people like:

1. Your very first boyfriend.
2. Or any ex-boyfriend, to be honest.
3. That bitch who he sort of dated, but is still friends with.
4. Your estranged aunt who always smells like soup.

If you are Imgur user Skitzocat, however, you’ve added your parents to the “do not invite” list. I know, I know: “But your dad has to walk you down the aisle! Your mom has to ugly cry with you before the ceremony!” I hear you. Apparently, however, Skitzocat’s parents were total a-holes. When it came time to send out the save the dates, Skitzocat got selective with the guest list. So selective, in fact, that the user decided to just avoid inviting his or her parents altogether. Now, this wasn’t just some “screw you for making me clean my room” bullshit. On the user’s profile, a brief description of the family’s relationship was posted:

So my narcissistic parents abused me for 16 years before I ran away from home. Now they’re trying to bully their way (via family, they haven’t bothered to speak to me personally) into getting an invitation to my wedding. There was really only one way to respond.

That’s right. When Skitzocat’s parents realized that they were not on the guest list, they insisted on a wedding invitation. In true, passive-aggressive fashion, Skitzocat’s response wasn’t to get mad, but to get creative. The Imgur user decided to send his or her birth-givers a personalized invitation that they would never forget. God bless angry people with internet access.

Image via Skitzocat

Imgur user applesmurfen commented with, “*applauds furiously*” and we completely agree. Cheers to you, Skitzocat. We wish you all the best on your marriage. Sure, it sucks that your parents are complete dicks, but hey, you found someone to love you forever, so you’re doing better than all of us here. Kind of love you, kind of hate you. Oh, and as for that letter? Mind if I borrow it for a few people if I ever trick someone into marrying me someday? There’s a cheating ex from my past whose name is all over this.

[via Imgur]

Images via Skitzocat

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