This Tear-Inducing Proposal Has Officially Won The Wedding Game (Video)

Wedding proposals are tricky little fuckers. For men, it’s the final “boyfriend” test to see if you really know your lady. For women, it’s the last real time you can play hard-to-get with your prisoner boyfriend. If he’s not a complete idiot, he’ll pull off a passable proposal. From what I’ve seen via obnoxious posts on social media, most guys do a fairly decent job. They buy a just-expensive-enough ring, go to a romantic-yet-meaningful place (read: Disney), and say a few cheesy lines while perched on one knee. Cue: tears, “Is this real”s and the inevitable “OMG YES.”

For the most part, that’s how it’ll be for majority of us. And that’s fine. We can still Instagram a picture of our rocks and write “He put a ring on it” as our Facebook statuses, so it’s all good. One guy, however, decided to make his soon-to-be wife’s friends a little more jealous. It is, without a doubt, the most intense, thought out, perfect engagement in the history of engagements. Watch at your own risk because it will 100 percent induce tears and envy.

Raise your hand if you officially hate that girl. I mean, what did she do to deserve this? Give him blow jobs every freaking day? Let him have a guys weekend in Vegas? Not harass him about his best friends on Snapchat? Whatever it was, she nailed it because that guy is whipped. If that video wasn’t enough to convince you, his Youtube description will.

Maybe we watched Glee a little too much, but after 6 months of planning, voice lessons, and rehearsals with my church and music students, I staged a volleyball tournament to give my girlfriend (who loves musical theater) the surprise of her life! Includes 100 performers, 69 singers, 18 dancers, 13 instrumentalists, 11 cameras, 7 confetti cannons, 3 sound systems, 2 choreographers, + 1 girl who’s worth it! I love you Teri!

How ANYBODY could love ANYBODY that much is beyond me. I don’t even love myself that much. Thanks for setting the bar way too high, mister. As if we didn’t feel single enough already.

Image via Youtube / Tom BetGeorge

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