This Retirement Home Just Recreated The “Shake It Off” Video Frame-For-Frame

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There’s a certain stigma around retirement homes. Images of bad food, smelly aromas, and boring game shows dance in your head. But if you think about, retirement homes are kind of awesome. They’re basically co-ed sorority houses. You have someone who cooks for you. You have somebody who makes sure you don’t break curfew or sneak people into your room at night. You have craft nights. You have parties. You have built-in friends you pay for! In fact, I can’t wait to live in a retirement home. It’s like a permanent vacation where you’re waited on hand and foot. Sign me up.

Well the fifty residents of the Julia Wallace Retirement Village in New Zealand proved my “retirement homes are one big party” theory correct. The residents, staff, and some of their grandchildren came together to remake the “Shake It Off” video. And it’s honestly impressive. With an average age of 82, the residents made all of their costumes and only took a week to make the video. A week! Handmade custom costumes! The attention to detail! They have Taylor’s no-choreography choreography down to a “T.” Watch and be amazed.

Impressed? Well they’re even cooler than you think.

Our residents do exercise classes and love music. They did a flash mob at a mall about a year ago and then they did a nude calendar for charity – they love doing different things. They liked the song because it could involve the staff and grandkids as well. When they first saw the video they were a bit nervous but they soon got into it.

And honestly, I think Taylor should be taking notes.

[via BuzzFeed]

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