This Recently Dumped Guy Is Way Crazier Than You Ever Were After A Breakup (Video)


You know how sometimes when you break up with someone, you find it hard to let it go? Particularly if you are the dumpee instead of the dumper? In those cases, maybe you cling to some things: the happy memories from the past, that concert ticket from the night he said “I love you,” his sweatshirt that you stole one cold afternoon. That’s pretty normal after a breakup, but “normal” is not the word used to describe how one dude in China took to hanging on to his relationship.

When this girl decided to break up with her man-friend in the streets of Huai’an City, a popular shopping area in East China’s Jiangsu Province, he didn’t take it so great. In fact, he did what most of us probably would have wanted to do when getting dumped: he threw himself to the ground, grabbed onto her legs, and begged her not to leave him. Totes understandable, right? We’ve all been there. Of course, we’ve probably managed to restrain ourselves from throwing our bodies at our ex’s feet in the middle of the street, but who am I to judge?

I imagine this girl staged her breakup in a public place in order to avoid some kind of scene, which clearly backfired, big time. And on top of that, of course someone whipped out their phone to record the whole thing. So we are able to bear witness as the woman yells at him to “Let me go. This is so embarrassing,” which only seems to spur our determined young friend on. He can be seen clutching his former lady’s legs with such strength that he actually peels off her tights and shoes, which she then just abandons to get the hell away from her former lover/future subject of a restraining order.

And they say girls are clingy.

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