This Popular Show On HGTV Is Totally Fake

love it or list it

I’m more of a “Fixer Upper” and “Flip or Flop” kind of girl myself, but if I’m really, truly bored and there’s not another “Law and Order: SVU” marathon on TV, I’ll tune in to see some of the obviously dramatized back-and-forth banter between designer Hilary and realtor David on “Love It or List It.”

I knew most of their dialogue had to be scripted and exaggerated for effect, but after reading this recent thread on Reddit, apparently that’s not the only thing that’s fake. Someone on Reddit asked people who have been on reality TV shows in the past to confess what’s real and what’s fake, and what some people had to say about “Love It or List It” was shocking.

One user had this to say about the experience:

My aunt and uncle were on “Love It Or List It” and they had them record both endings and the network chose which one they thought was best. They are still in the house and they love it, but the show says they listed it.

Another user who says he knows someone who went on the show goes on to expose how the show really works:

1. As mentioned, nobody wants to list their house—they just want a free renovation and to be on TV. However… 2. …the show only pays for 50% of the work they do on your house, and the producers do what they want for TV and don’t really respect the homeowners’ wishes. 3. They shoot a bunch of episodes in one market at a time, so they use one set of contractors for all of the homes. If they get behind on the work on a given home, they pretend that the work is done so they can wrap on the episode, then they take the crew with them to the next house. You then have to live in an unfinished renovation until the whole set of episodes is finished and the crew can get back to you. This can be months or not at all.

It’s fake. It’s all fake. Reality has no place in this world, at least not on TV.

Honestly, I don’t really care about “Love It or List It” being fake, but if someone says “Fixer Upper” is fake, I might freak the fuck out.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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