This Pocahontas GIF Is Insanely Hilarious

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There are a ton of GIFs on the internet. If we’re being honest, there are probably far too many. It’s hard to find the best ones, because everyone with access to a GIF website thinks they’re automatically a comedian.

Despite this generational flaw, I believe I have discovered the most hilarious GIF trend of all time. It chronicles a very emotional Kocoum, and it is everything I never knew I needed in my life. You’re going to want to strap on a diaper for this one.

So. Pocahontas is arguably one of the greatest Disney movies out there, and not just because John Smith’s blonde locks and untamed wit sparked your sexual awakening. Towards the end of the movie, we see Pocahontas mackin’ on John Smith in the woods. Kocoum, who believes that he’s Pocahontas’s fiancé, oversees this steamy love sesh and basically throws a little bitch fit. He runs out from behind a tree and tackles John Smith, not realizing that Pocahontas is a strong independent Native American woman who don’t need no man.

What we’ve just witnessed is Kocoum throwing his hands up in the air and displaying an insane amount of emotion for such a sullen character. I will admit that I didn’t notice how comically dramatic this moment it until now. But someone did, and they started a meme trend that deserves way more attention than it’s getting.

Here’s that moment again.

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And here it is in a different context.

Back to lurking I go. Before I part, here is a link to make your own Kocoum&#039;s without the background. Do not disappoint me.<a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href=",coy3d7j4477fgfe/shared">,coy3d7j4477fgfe/shared</a>

Here we see Kocoum with dinosaurs again.


And burning his feet on hot sand.

OOH! OWW! OOH! OWW! OOH! OW!EDIT: Thanks for the FP again, I will keep updating the album with new creations. <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href=""></a>

This is how we all feel taking the garbage out the night before trash day.


Here he is raging.

Seeing way too many colors of the wind right now.


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Dolla dolla bill yo.

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And my personal favorite.

Thanks for the cutout /u/AncientSilverback!

You win, internet.

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