This Pizza Highlighter Is The Makeup Product Of Your Dreams


Sometimes in life, the unimaginable happens. Your boyfriend dumps you, you can’t flirt your way out of a C on an exam, or, heaven forbid, your makeup palette shatters. While new boyfriends can be found at bars and extra credit can raise your grade, nothing can repair the soul-crushing pain of shattering your favorite pressed powder product — that is, until now.

This horrible life event happened to beauty blogger Gina, but instead of crying over spilled powder, she turned lemons into lemonade. Or, more accurately, highlighter into pepperoni pizza. Gina mixed her broken powder highlighter with rubbing alcohol to resolidify it and added in some loose powder eyeshadow for additional color and gave us all the product we never knew we were missing — pepperoni pizza highlighter.

Made my very own pepperoni pizza highlighter 🍕😂😂✨

A video posted by Gina ( on

Of course, the best part of this is that you can literally do this yourself. Instead of pepperonis, throw on some green bell peppers or mushrooms with those old eyeshadows you never use at the bottom of your makeup drawer, and voila! You have the ultimate beauty product of your dreams. Of course, why stop at pizza? Feel free to make your own donuts (or any other circular food item, really) as well. On the plus side, we’ve finally found the solution to our biggest makeup problem. On the downside, now I’m starving.

[via Refinery 29]

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