This Pi Beta Phi Nannies For The Biebers In Her Spare Time

This Gamma Phi Beta Nannies For The Biebers In Her Spare Time

Today, a Pi Beta Phi named Taylor Ross from the University of Western Ontario, emailed in applying to be featured on @TFMGirls Instagram. She’s hot, and blonde, and has all the makings of an Instagram model.

I don't want to go home and finish my exams

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But this girl, she’s special.

She allegedly nannies for a family called “The Biebers.” Maybe you’ve heard of the eldest son, Justin? Here she is, hanging out with the fam on the beach.

When you aren't ready for the photo and it ends up with literally a million likes…. #thenanny

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Okay, so, actually it didn’t have “literally” millions of likes by the time you posted this, but it does now. Her story checks out.

Sandcastlekings @richwilkersonjr

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How does this happen? Like, I babysat when I was 12-18, and I could stop eating for a period of time if it meant being a celebrity nanny, and going to exclusive beaches with famous people. Fuck it, I’ll become a Canadian citizen too. Who doesn’t love the great white north, and being freezing in the summer? Is looking like this a requirement?

Homegirl looks like someone I could hang out with.

Better days #abuttskoka #midterms #lp

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Shot ski with the father @cb_ross @jordynrosss @brockburgess

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Love me some veuve #LPprom

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I mean, we have the same interests. Children, drinking, and Justin Bieber.

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