This Philanthropy Involves Puppies, Veterans, And A Hot, Shirtless Guy

Today I learned a horrifying statistic: military persons are more likely to die from suicide than they are from war. Since 2001, we have tragically lost 6,661 people to the War on Terror. We lost over 8,000 veterans to suicide induced by PTSD just last year. Labs for Liberty attempts to make this horrible statistic smaller by providing support for our veterans. Their mission is to provide a custom-trained dog to twenty-five veterans in the next twelve months, as well as send them on a free vacation as a means to protect the people who fought to protect us.

Pi Kappa Alpha, in association with the organization, has volunteered and put on a 5K in Salt Lake City, Utah where participants can walk (or run) with their dogs.

The testimonials are already incredible.

“Thanks for giving me my life back. I already consider you guys extended family.”
-Matt & Willis – California

“I had a difficult night last night. I awoke as usual with troubling thoughts and memories. As I became more awake and aware I realized that Samson was laying up next to me with his face next to mine. All my troubles went away and I loved on Samson. He is my “Guardian Angel” and faithful friend. Thank you so much.”
-James & Samson – Missouri

There is no shortage of puppies or volunteers, but what the organization needs is money to train the dogs to work with veterans. The training is costly, and the organization has set a goal of $90,000 on the Indiegogo page to ensure they can send 25 pups out this year, and increase that figure by ten every year. People who donate get a t-shirt and a free puppy calendar. Check out February.


That’s reason enough for me.

[via Indiegogo page]

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