This Pastor Thinks You Should Go To Jail For Saying “God” During Sex

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Everyone knows that if you have sex and do what you want with your body you’re a whore. Duh. Dr. John Agee, a senior pastor from San Antonio, has made it public knowledge that he legitimately believes that women should go to jail for screaming out “God” during sex. Which begs the question, exactly what would the evidence look like in that type of trial?

In an interview with Newslo, the pastor said the following:

“There is no greater sin in terms of wrongly using God’s name than women who use it during sex.”
“That is one of the filthiest, most derogatory and sinful uses of the Lord’s name I can think of.”
“If it were up to me, I would put every single woman or girl who does that in jail.”

I hate to play this card, but if this prude’s whole thing is that saying God’s name in vain is a sin, then why isn’t he also condemning men who say it during sex? Guys definitely say it. I have it on good authority that some guys can’t say anything but “Ohhhhh myyyyyy Godddddd” while getting it on. The pastor specifically says “women who use it during sex,” and “every single woman or girl who does that.” Are we to assume that men are exempt from this rule? Do their superior genitals deem them an obvious exception from the fiery pits of hell? Apparently.

If that’s your belief system, fine. Good for you for having a strong faith. But don’t tell us we deserve a jail sentence, especially when our male counterparts receive no such treatment. It takes two to take tango.

[via Yahoo]

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