This New Smartphone Ensures You Take A Perfect Selfie Every Time

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Remember when “selfie” wasn’t even a real, dictionary-worthy word (#ThrowbackThursday)? It was just something you did while drunk with friends. Well, the times they are a-changing. Now, taking a selfie is the norm, whether you’re sexy sexting or just trying to make everyone you know jeallyfish with the perfect Insta filter.

Microsoft is preparing to release a phone that’s specifically designed to take the perfect selfie. This “selfie phone” will feature a higher-resolution camera that faces you. Now, it just needs a flash. Sure, it will blind you, but that way you can finally procure the perfect selfie of your dreams…

Look, if you have to ask a stranger danger to take your picture, it’s really not the end of the world. I mean, it is if they steal your phone, or accidentally see the vaguely X rated pictures a few swipes down. But otherwise, I feel sure they won’t judge you too harshly. You know when they will judge you? For purchasing a phone that is exclusively used for selfies.

Pros? This phone will totally help you take your sexting game next level. You’ll no longer have to awkwardly ask your sisters to take those pictures for you! Cons? Your narcissism will reach scary high levels — but you won’t mind much with your amount of Insta likes quickly climbing into the tripe digits.

[via Jezebel]

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