This New Flavored Wine Will Either Make You Rejoice Or Cry

Coffee Wine

There are two things sorority girls love unequivocally: coffee and wine. I mean, sure, there are way more than two things we care about– we have our littles, not-boyfriends, crafting, glitter, browning out–but coffee and wine are high up on that list, so why not combine them?

Thanks to the self-proclaimed “wine in a can specialists” at Friends Fun Wine, we can finally have it all. They created the world’s first coffee wines, so winos and caffeine addicts across this great nation (read: us) can rejoice. If you want to check out Friends Fun Wine, they already carry sangrias and moscatos. While it’s unclear right now if the wines have caffeine, they are low calorie, but with an alcohol content of only 6 percent.

There are two new varieties. Cabernet Coffee Espresso tastes like–wait for it–cabernet grapes and espresso coffee. Don’t worry, it even has a hint of chocolate, making it the perfect splurge for breakups and exam season. Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino tastes like sweet Chardonnay with vanilla cappuccino, and of course, for the glutton in all of us, it has hints of chocolate, too.

These wines sound like a useful addition to any sorority girl’s pantry. Whether you’re cramming for a final last minute and need to relax for a bit, giving a public speech, or going on a Tinder date, coffee wine will be there for you. It’s the ultimate, nauseating pregame for any occasion–much like Red Bull and vodka, only way classy. Stock up for big/little week (and life) and enjoy.

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