This Mom Who Made Her Daughter A Girly “Star Wars” Cake Wins Everything

Themes. We love them. From birth we learn that a theme is an essential part of any party. You’d be lying if you’re childhood scrapbooks aren’t filled pictures from various Disney themed birthday parties.

Like any other rational soon to be three-year-old, Sophie wanted a themed party for her upcoming birthday. Because she’s on trend, Sophie wanted a Star Wars themed party. Easy enough. Just when her mom thought she could pick up a few things at Party City and call it a day, Sophie dropped a My Super Sweet 16 style demand. What she really wanted was a Princess Chewbacca cake.

Yes, Sophie wanted that hairy Sasquatch creature transformed into a pretty, pretty princess. Her mom, reddit user jamieinthenorthwest, went to their local bakeries to find a brave baker for the task, but no one was up it. Just when all hope was lost, a friend stepped up to the plate to make the Princess Chewbacca cake of Sophie’s dreams.

And she absolutely nailed it.

Chewbacca Birthday Cake

Keep doing you, Sophie.

[via The Daily Dot]

Image via Shutterstock

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