This Mom Put Makeup On Her Seven-Month-Old Son And The Photos Are Horrifyingly Funny

There’s some really weird shit on the internet: dogs acting like people, babies pretending to be adults, and a hell of a lot of penis stuff. Recently, as in, like, five-minutes-ago-and-still-freaking-out recently, I came across one of the most bizarre things to date: a woman who used the YouCam makeup app to give her seven-month-old son a makeover. And the results? OMG.

Imgur user Unicornreality decided to get a head start at humiliating her son. She not only added virtual eyeliner, hair, and lipstick to her infant child, but she published the pictures on the internet so that the evidence will live here forever, and ever, and ever.

I could go on about how disturbing, hilarious, and life-changing these images are, but honestly, the pictures speak for themselves. Luckily, her son isn’t speaking yet, because otherwise, his mom would get an ear-full. So, until he finds these pictures in ten years and flips a shit, enjoy laughing your ass off at this baby’s expense. His mom and the rest of the world’s population are, anyway. *sigh* — Isn’t motherhood beautiful?

[via Imgur]

Images via Unicornreality

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Rachel Varina

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