This Mathematical Formula Will Tell You If Your Relationship Will Last Forever

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I’m not a big fan of math. Maybe it’s because I didn’t care to solve proofs, theorems, or “X.” Maybe it’s because to this day I’ve literally never been without my calculator (otherwise known as an iPhone). Or maybe it’s because I could just copy the annoying girl’s homework next to me. Whatever it was, I never had a reason to love English’s nerdy brother, Mathematics.

That is, until now.

According to Cosmopolitan, there’s an actual formula that will tell you if you and your boyfriend/FWB/husband (LOL) are meant-to-be.

Love formulaImage via Youtube / Ted

Basically what this mumbo jumbo solves is: how much does your guy piss you off. Hannah Fry, the genius behind this breakthrough explains that the more negatively you perceive each other, the less likely you’ll end up shopping for orthopedic shoes together someday. If you both consider yourselves happy, then whenever you have a fight, drunkenly cry about his high school girlfriend, or whatever, he’s more likely to think of that behavior as abnormal. If you secretly hate each other, however, you tend to think that this shitty behavior is the norm. If you’re happy together, you think your partner just had an off day when he/she acts like a total D-bag. If you’re unhappy together, however, you think that they’re a piece of shit, no matter the mood.

So how can you achieve this mathematically perfect relationship? For starters, complain. Seriously. Hanna said that couples who feel like they can voice their concerns without starting a fight tend to love each other more. Second, never go to bed angry. Couples who walk away from a fight without talking through the problem are more likely to split. And third, make sure he deletes his Snapchat because that shit just causes problems (okay, she didn’t say the last one, but hey, it’s worth a shot).

So ladies, if you want a happily-ever-after, pull out your calculator and start complaining. Or just start giving blow jobs. Either will work, but one of them is much much less likely to give you lockjaw.

To watch Hanna’s full length Ted talk, click here.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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