This Is The Real Reason Why We Never Got To See A Glimpse Of Khal Drogo’s Dong In GOT


I’ve never been the kind of girl who gets really stoked on seeing a live dick, and I don’t think I’m alone in this. The bologna pony just isn’t the most visually appealing part of a man’s body, not when there’s pecs and strong jawbones to compete with. But when I watched the first season of the infamously naked show “Game of Thrones,” I admit to being disappointed at the lack of dong onscreen — specifically, Khal Drogo’s, for several reasons: one, he’s ridiculously sexy, and two, we see plenty of his co-star, Emilia Clarke AKA Khaleesi.

Emilia Clarke is true royalty in that she’s a queen in real life, IMO, but she also gets to play a queen (technically, a Khaleesi) on the show. She’s also the luckiest girl in the entire freaking world because she gets to get it on with Khal Drogo, the sexiest fictional character I know. The onscreen chemistry is insanely hot, but in a show known for explicit nudity, we never get to see what Khal Drogo is really working with. We see Khaleesi naked from the waist up multiple times-props to you, Emilia-but never Khal Drogo’s real Dothraki sword (his penis. Talking about his penis.).

And now we finally know why. We just wouldn’t be able to handle it. “Showing it would make people feel bad. It’s too fabulous,” said Emilia. She got to see it, or at least got a better look than the rest of us on set, but apparently it was still covered in a pink, fluffy sock (I’m picturing it now, and it’s still pretty sexy).

Thanks for clearing that up, Khaleesi. It’s not our fault– Khal Drogo is just packing a dick too fabulous for us to handle. I guess we just aren’t ready for the real “thing.” LOL.

[via Refinery 29]

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