This Is The Only Strapless Bra You’ll Ever Need

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I’ve never tried on a strapless bra I didn’t immediately hate. Either it’s too tight and leaves permanent indentions in my skin or it’s too loose and my boobs look like they trying to run away from my body. I thought there was no other option. I thought this was another thing women simply had to endure, like periods or the patriarchy. But thanks to amazing scientific advancements, we no longer have to live in fear of wearing a strapless dress.

Kellie K apparel made a strapless bra unlike any others. Inventor Anthony Roy created a bra with never-before-seen (patent pending) technology, GeckTeck. “The brand compares the bra’s stickiness to the bottom of a gecko’s foot… The idea is that it will cling to any surface, but removes easily without tugging so it won’t stick to your skin. It’s kind of like static cling.”

It doesn’t hurt or tug or make your boobs look like they’re melting away from your body. It. Just. Stays. What a magical concept. Here’s how it works.

Of course, this new amazing technology doesn’t come cheap. Bras will run you about $85, but they come in band sizes 30 to 40 and cup sizes B to F. These are available for pre-order on the Kellie K Apparel website now, but they aren’t expected to ship until April 2016.

Technology is pretty amazing, isn’t it?

[via Cosmopolitan]

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