This Is Not A Drill: HBO And “Girls” Are About To Make Your Life So. Much. Better.


Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna. God, these “Girls” just get us. The laughter. The relationships. The life lessons that make you want to shout: “YOU’RE LITERALLY LIVING MY LIFE.” Ugh they’re perfect.

The only thing that isn’t perfect about the HBO show “Girls” is the fact that I have to watch it at my parent’s house. I love me some premium programing, but as a broke twenty-something, I’m not about to shell out however much money on cable when I have a hard enough time splurging for guac. So when it comes to premium television, I’m stuck watching it with my mom breathing down my neck, befriending an annoying yet rich friend who has HBO, or getting a sugar daddy.

Or so I thought.

HBO has finally answered our prayers and decided to make all of our gold-digging dreams true. They’re offering us a streaming service that’s absurdly cheap. Like 68-cents-per-day cheap. Don’t believe me? Just watch.


But that’s not all. Maybe they love us. Maybe they feel bad for us. Whatever it is, they’ve decided to give TSM 4 Apple TVs, to give to you. Literally. They want us to turn your lame, shitty television into a “smart TV” just because. AND Apple TV will come with a six month subscription of HBO NOW. It’s like we’re celebrities or something (cue: hair flip emoji girl).

So how do you win these? Easy:
1. Sign onto Twitter.
2. Tweet at TSM and tell us what you will give up to save #68CentsADay.
3. Be sure to use the #68CentsADay hashtag and mention @totalsratmove.

And that’s it. It’s like they just want to give these things away. So, what will you cut out to save #68CentsADay?

  1. Those cute socks for the gym.
    Despite contrary belief, wearing gym shoes does not count as exercise. 
  2. Extra filters.
    Beauty is on the non-filtered side.
  3. Ordering a side salad.
    You wanted the fries anyways.
  4. Yet another nude nail polish.
    You already have four of them. Besides, everyone knows that pink is the new nude.
  5. That extra shot of tequila.
    You’ll thank me, and HBO, in the morning.

Since apparently I can’t keep the prizes for myself (trust me, I asked), let us know what you’ll do to save #68CentsADay. And when you win the Apple TV with free HBO NOW streaming, you’ll officially be considered “that rich friend.” So uh, you know, invite me over. I have some “Girls” that I need to catch up with.

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Image via HBO / Youtube

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