This Is, Hands Down, Every Girl’s Worst Wedding Nightmare (Photo)


I fucking love weddings. I love everything about them. The open bar, the feeling of love in the air, the open bar, the amazing food, the open bar, but the thing I love most about weddings (and when I say “weddings” I really mean my future wedding that I have been planning since I was seven), is that on this one day, everyone has to pay attention to you. Everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you act like a total bitch, get super trashed, or insist that that one guest takes off her cream-color dress, because hello, it’s your fucking day and you’re in charge. That’s just how it works. That being said, there are a few unforgivable moves you can never pull at a wedding. You can’t wear white. You can’t hook up with the groom. And you can’t steal the attention.

For one unfortunate bride, however, the worst thing that could possibly happen, happened. At HER wedding, in front of HER table, someone got down on one knee and proposed to, well, not her. In the most douchebag move of all time, a guy decided to propose to his lady in the middle of someone else’s wedding, which is, hands down, the biggest “no” in wedding etiquette. Why? Because it’s like giving a giant middle finger to the couple who just paid thousands of dollars to have ONE day about themselves. And in a photo recently posted to Imgur, you can see just how horrifying it really is.

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The look on the bride’s face says it all. Not only did this guy steal the attention, but he made the day about some other bitch! Naturally, the online community took it upon themselves to speak up on behalf of the bride.

“Her smile says ‘congratulations,’ her eyes say ‘that bitch.'”

“Husband’s face says ‘shit I’m going to hear about this for the next…forever'”

“Just announce your pregnancy at their wedding. Fire with fire, yo.”

“How to lose friends 101”

“‘Hey, remember X’s wedding?’ ‘You mean that day when Y and Z got engaged?’ ‘Yeah.’ Fuck you too.”

“Well bless your heart”

People these days, amiright? Needless to say, I’m hoping that TheDrySideOfThePenny is right, and our main couple announces a pregnancy at the attention-stealers’ wedding. Nothing says “thanks for fucking up our big day” quite like some passive-aggressive karma.

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