This Guy Went Too Hard In The Sheets, Literally Snapped His Dick In Half


I’m not exactly an expert, but hearing something snap during sex is probably not a good thing. A 42-year-old guy from Boston unfortunately found this to be true when he accidentally slammed his dick into the space between his lady partner’s babymaker and back end, crushing his erect member in half and causing a horrifying snapping sound.

After this guy felt and heard his penis snap in half, he looked down to check out the situation. Maybe it wasn’t so bad. Accidents happen when bodily fluids are being exchanged. Much to his horror, his penis started squirting blood. Once again, I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure that’s NOT what’s supposed to come out.

He and his broken penis were rushed to the emergency room, where doctors quickly discovered he had torn his tunica albuginea mid-coitus. I got a C in anatomy freshman year, so I had to look up what and where this is. Apparently, the tunica albuginea helps to trap the blood in one of the penis’s chambers and helps in maintaining an erection. That explains the squirting blood.

This guy’s boner literally exploded into a firework of blood and (probably) semen. It must’ve been quite a show.

Don’t worry, he’s okay now. Doctors were able to fully repair this poor man’s Johnson, and he was able to make a full recovery in about six months. There were no adverse side effects, like a curvature or erectile dysfunction — just a really, really gnarly story about why he was in the hospital for so long.

I’m not trying to kick a man while he’s down, but maybe if you’re thrusting so hard that you miss the goal and snap your penis in half, you should reevaluate your love-making strategy. Slow and steady, man.

[via Daily Mail]

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