This Guy Photoshopped Himself Into Kendal Jenner’s Most Popular Instagrams And It’s What Perfection Looks Like

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I suck at Instagram. My angles are shit, I can’t take a selfie without feeling like a douche, and I always lose patience while trying to pick a filter that makes me look somewhat more attractive than I actually am. The only time I get more than 50 likes on a picture is when I tag someone who’s more popular than I am, so I’ve pretty much given up on the entire operation.

But you know who doesn’t suck at Instagram (or anything, for that matter)? Kendall Jenner. She’s a majestic unicorn of a woman, and I commend her for being the only Kardashian who kept the plastic surgery to a minimum. She’s so perfect that I actually had to unfollow her, because her pictures were so beautiful that my shattered shell of an ego couldn’t take that many airbrushed kicks to the groin.

Kirby Jenner, a man who we can only assume has no legitimate relation to the Kardashians, has decided to step out of Kendall’s shadow by physically inserting himself into her most popular posts. Dude is a self described “amateur model,” master of Photoshop, and most likely the victim of my next inexplicable sex dream. Take a peek at his work, and try not to fall in love.

I may not be able to relate to Kendall’s life of luxury, but I can totally relate to Kirby’s life of obsessing over how much he wants to be involved. This guy totally has a new follower in me, at least until his perfection sends me into a downward spiral of jealousy and self-loathing. 

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Lucky Jo

Lucky Jo is a former and current TSM writer who likes her men how she likes her coffee: way too hot and unforgivably bitter. She graduated from the University of Missouri in 2016, proving that C's do in fact get degrees. She now spends her days working for a social media marketing agency, hiking with her dachshund, and trying to bring back the scrunchie. Hate mail and goat memes can be sent to

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