This Guy Impersonates Every Girl With The Butterfly Filter And If It Isn’t All Of Us, IDK What Is

guy impersonates butterfly filter

Snapchat filters have caused quite the stir. They have revolutionized the way that we look at ourselves and the way that society views beauty. But the day the butterfly filter was introduced was a day that shook the world. Girls everywhere were abandoning the trusty dog filter and the classy flower crown filter to be transformed into the best version of themselves. Maybe it’s the warm glow of your skin, the pale shimmery fake lipstick, the twinkle in your eye, or the fact that you are surrounded by golden butterflies. Whatever it is, the butterfly filter is more than just a filter, it’s a lifestyle. At least, according to J. Cyrus’s spot on impersonation of every girl who uses the butterfly filter.

He’s absolutely right. After the butterfly filter, we are not the same person. Rent a billboard with a picture of you with the butterfly filter and show everyone how before you were a caterpillar, and you have emerged a beautiful, golden butterfly. Once your ex catches a glimpse of how you look, he will be physically compelled to get you back. You will become the envy of your friends. Your followers will turn into fans. There is nothing you can’t do with the butterfly filter.

So use the butterfly filter. Live the butterfly filter. Be the butterfly filter. This is you now.

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