This Girl LOSING HER SHIT On Her Boyfriend Is Possibly The Craziest Fight In History

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Or if you’re me, possibly not. I’ve come upon what three fourths of my team has deemed the craziest girlfriend in the world. Below, is basically an audio clip of what seems to be a girl pretty much verbally decimating her boyfriend for nearly twenty-five minutes. Instinct is to say she’s bonkers. But I don’t know.

Let’s break down her main gripes here and point out they all boil down to one thing: she’s jealous, and she doesn’t think her boyfriend cares enough about her.

We begin our journey with the girlfriend angry at her boyfriend for deciding to start a workout regimen when they will be apart. She hysterically wonders why he needs to suddenly start working out when she won’t be there. What need does he have to work on his body in a gym where there are other girls, when for her — he looks like he’s just chock full of cookies.

There are two things to be said for this. The first is that it is absolutely unreasonable to ask her boyfriend not to work out, or to suggest he pay for a gym membership when he can get one through school for free. However, none of those things were her point. Her point — her real point is that she doesn’t want him fucking other girls. Read between the lines. By denying the existence of other pretty girls, he got her going. When really, she just wanted him to say “Of course there are other pretty girls in the world. But I’m only interested in you.” Guaranteed, the fight would have ended there. But instead, he remained disinterested in her emotions and refused to validate her feelings by taking them at face value, which in turn, drove her crazier.

The second major argument: I don’t want you partying on a boat with other skanks in bikinis with your friend who notoriously cheats on his girlfriend. Long distance relationships are hard. And I don’t think it’s reasonable to say your boyfriend isn’t allowed in a situation where other hot girls are going to be. However, I get why she doesn’t like it. And I get why this dragged on for so long. Boyfriend went back and forth straight up lying to her “I promise I won’t” and “It’s probably going to happen.” I don’t know where the happy medium. But his lack of give-a-shit attitude did not help the situation.

I am flawed in that I always want to explain away people’s behavior. I think there’s a reason for every emotional outburst and if people just took the time to understand other people’s emotions rather than dismissing them or labeling them crazy, there would be a lot fewer miserable people out there. So maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this isn’t just a girl, hysterical and saying things she doesn’t mean in the middle of a fight with her boyfriend, whom she thinks is possibly going to cheat on her or break up with her. Maybe she’s truly insane.

But you know what else is fucking insane? Recording a fight you’re having with your girlfriend for 25 minutes just to make her look bad.

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Veronica Ruckh

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