This Girl Left Her Sorority Because Of Her Boobs

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For sorority women, there is one sole goal of your college career: Graduate. Make it out without going to standards. Can’t live with em, can’t live without em. Everyone knows the tips and tricks to getting around going to standards. We photoshop cats on top of beer cans for Christ’s sake. Doesn’t everyone have casual BYOC parties? Bring your own cat? Sorority girls totally do, according to Instagram.

Well Sophomore Phi Mu, Lauren Forsythe, thought she was a-okay with standards when she posted a topless photo to Instagram. Well, not technically topless. Lauren is a proud owner one of those flesh toned bikinis whose sole purpose it to ruin boobs for everyone and #FreeTheNipple. Free the nipple??? What?! Why are they being freed?! Where are they going?!

If you’re not familiar with the product it looks a little something like this.

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And this. #TitsOutForTheFems

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And a little something like this. #SquadGoals

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As it turns out, she was not safe from the firm grip of Standards after all. Lauren claims that Phi Mu then gave her three options:

1. Take the photo down.
2. Resign voluntarily.
3. Go through the month long process of dropping.

But the following email sent to Forsythe by her sorority was obtained by Cosmopolitan, and it tells a different story.

I stated that if the picture was not removed from social media, that I would be calling you into a discipline meeting upon starting school, to which you responded with the idea of dropping if you had to take the photo down. It was never presented as an ultimatum for you to drop or would we “drop” you if you did not take it down, however, a discipline meeting would take place at the beginning of the school year.

Whatever the case, most of us would have just deleted the post then subtweeted about later, but Lauren was not about that life. She decided to resign voluntarily and leave the photo out there, “cartoon nipple” and all.

You do you, Lauren.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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