This Girl Copied A Travel Blogger’s Instagram And She’s Either Insane Or A Genius


Travel blogs are a perfect target to focus your more envious thoughts. Beautiful places, beautiful people, it’s sickening really. How can anyone compete with that? Well, instead of competing, one girl decided to just recreate the life of someone else. Lauren Bullen runs Gypsea Lust, a travel blog with a name I want to hate so badly but the name is just too clever. She recently discovered that someone was not only going to the same places as her, she was also wearing the same clothes and taking pictures in the same spots with the same poses. Some even had the same caption. Uhh, can you say creepy?


copied instagram




Since Lauren found this, er, admirer, and called her out in a post, all of the pictures have been deleted from the second account. Probably because the second girl is trying to plan her escape. She has been outed for trying to live someone else’s life. But to be honest, this girl might be crazy, but she might just be a genius. Instead of doing your own travel plans, trying to compromise with others, scouring the internet for places to visit, all she had to do was scroll through Instagram to see what Lauren was up to. Then she grabbed her iPhone, her passport, and was on her way. She didn’t even have to worry about what to wear either. She just ordered Lauren’s exact outfit that she wears in her pictures. Traveling is so fun, but so stressful, and with this method of planning, @dianna_alexa seems so have it all figured out.

[via Cosmopolitan]

Image via Cosmopolitan

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