This Fan-Made Gilmore Girls Intro Is All You Need In Life Right Now

gilmore girl fan made intro

For the most part, fan made videos are often weird and exist in the deep underbelly of the Internet typically dedicated to horrible fan fiction. But finally, for once, the fandom community created something amazing for us regular people: a proper introduction for Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life.

It’s a little unfair that the straight to Netflix series didn’t have a musical intro in the first place. I mean, the best way to invite us back to Stars Hollow is with Carole King’s “Where You Lead.” But for some reason, the campy but heartwarming anthem was left out of the reboot. But that’s okay, because there is always someone on the internet willing to fix that.

This fan-made intro is perfect. It has the theme song, bouncy Lorelei and Rory moments and of course, a more than appropriate Paris eye roll. It invites us right back into Stars Hollow with shots of a snowy-town and lovable Kirk. We get lots of laughing and sassy moments with Emily Gilmore, and overall we feel like we are right back with the girls themselves. We even get a shot of Luke’s diner and, of course, coffee.

The creator of the video? Superfan Rose Tyler. She really did hit all the bases, but we really wish that Richard Gilmore could make an appearance. Alas, Edward Herrman passed away in 2014. Of all of the fan videos made out there, Tyler did an excellent job. I mean, she did even sneak in a shot of Milo Ventimiglia, who is looking extra yummy these days. As far as we are concerned, this could be the actual introduction and no one would even notice.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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