This Chick Gets Back At Her Cheating Ex By Sending Him Game Of Thrones Spoilers Every Week

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There are a lot of ways to recover from a failed relationship. One way to handle the situation is to talk shit on him to everyone you know, block him out of your personal reality, and move on to someone significantly hotter. A second way is to exact revenge on your unsuspecting ex by sticking around and ruining his life. It’s really a circumstantial decision.

In this case, one woman shelled out her frustration by sending her ex Game of Thrones spoilers every week. The best part is that she’ll send him messages through every social media app, and immediately re-blocks him once the message is sent, so he has no way of preventing it from happening. The dude took to Reddit to tell the story and possibly look for sympathy from strangers, of which he will receive none, because it turns out that this guy happens to be a cheating sack of shit.


As someone who actively avoids Twitter if I’m even five minutes behind the rest of civilization on an episode, I’m almost sympathetic. But cheaters are life ruiners, so this whole situation is just hilarious. The rest of Reddit agreed, and roasted the guy so badly that he ended up removing his post. No worries. The internet is a beautiful place, and the magic of screenshots will help this tale live on long enough to provide inspiration to other girls who find themselves in similar situations. A cheater always pay his debts.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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