This Bar Does Your Laundry, Gets You Drunk, And Feeds You Cheese, Must Be Located In Heaven


A new bar/laundromat/cheese place called The Wash House just opened in New York City, and it sounds like a fairy godmother made my greatest dream come true. If you dread laundry day and regularly buy new underwear and socks to avoid it, this glamorous new spot is for you.

Step One: Road trip to New York City, center of the universe.
Step Two: Drop off your laundry, enjoy a cocktail, and nom on all of the cheese. The bar-dromat features all sorts of favorites, such as craft beer, iced coffee, and champagne–because let’s be honest, finally doing laundry deserves a celebration. Not only is there a wide selection of delicious grilled cheese sammies, but there’s even a dessert sandwich with Nutella, mascarpone, honey, bananas, and strawberries on challah. Sorry for salivating.

At first glance, you might think this laundromat from heaven is a regular bar or café, but the laundry service is through the alley. Bring your intimates and maybe you’ll get intimate with someone who shares your love of cheese and hatred of dirty clothes. My body is ready. I know some girls want boys who play with their hair and tell them they’re pretty, but my greatest dream is for someone to do my laundry and feed me cheese, all while I pop champagne.

[via Jezebel]

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