This App Will Play Nickelback Every Time You Stalk Your Ex


You know what sucks? Breakups. You know what else sucks? The band Nickelback. I’m not sure why we all hate the music group, but, well, we do. Maybe it’s the annoying twang in their voices, or the songs themselves. Whatever it is, as soon as one of their songs come on, we immediately shut that shit off and make fun of anyone who actually likes them. We just can’t help it, it’s that bad. Coincidentally our feelings towards the band are surprisingly similar to the feelings we have about our exes. As soon as we call it quits, we immediately hate whoever they start talking to, and detest the things we used to love about them. Their hair? Ew. Their voices? GOD so annoying. The fact that they exist? Just stop.

Still, that doesn’t stop us from stalking the shit out of them every. single. day.

So some really smart ladies decided to do all of society a favor and mix the thing we love to hate (Nickelback) with the thing we hate to love (exes) and create total magic.

Enter: Nickelblock. An app that plays Nichelback anytime you try to stalk or contact your ex. And yes, it’s perfect.

As of right now this is totally fictional. Funny AF but not on the market. Maybe with enough support, however, we can turn this into something real. I, for one, could use this when I’m 72 weeks into my daily hate-stalking binge. Help me, Nickelblock. Help me.

[via Huffington Post, MollAndRell]

Image via Youtube

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