This 24-Hour Wine Fountain In Italy Is What Dreams Are Made Of


It’s 2 A.M. You’re with your friends, telling Becky that of course she’s much prettier than Kyle’s new girlfriend while bingeing on GIRLS and potato chips. You have three episodes left in the season and the night is still going strong, when the unimaginable happens. Some way, somehow, the worst has happened. You’ve run out of wine. The liquor store is closed, and you have to resign yourself to finishing the night early with only half a buzz. Honestly, I can only imagine like one or two worse things in the entire world, and one of them is your ex-boyfriend changing his Netflix password.

Thankfully, Italy is trying to make sure this never happens again with the installment of their new – wait for it – 24-hour wine fountain. That’s right, Italy has installed a public fountain, except instead of filling it with water, they filled it with red wine. Oh, and it’s totally free. All of the time. This is not a drill.

All you have to do is show up with something, anything, to drink out of at the Dora Sarchesi vineyard in Abruzzo, and unlimited free red wine is at your disposal. However, if you want to get smashed, you’d better put it in yourYeti to go, because the vineyard hopes their wine fountain will be a classy place to serve as a “meeting place for pilgrims and wine lovers” instead of a place for “drunkards.” What a buzzkill. But on those nights when you wish you had a little extra merlot, know that Italy’s got your back. If you haven’t signed up for study abroad already, a wine fountain seems to be as good a reason as any. Tell your dad that you’ll be full of culture, except by culture, you’ll mean “free, unlimited red wine.” Cheers y’all.

[via Town and Country Magazine]

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