This 100-Carat Diamond Is Literally Flawless, And It Could Be Yours If You Have $22 Million To Spare


I’m cursed with short, stubby fingers. Thanks, Dad. My man hands do come with one bonus: little, dainty rings look stupid on me. Which, I figure, will work in my favor when I get engaged. Anything less than two carats looks ridiculous on me – trust me, I’ve done the research. So the poor guy that pops the question to me is going to have to save for quite some time to afford a diamond that won’t look absurd on my sausage fingers.

It seems that Sotheby’s in New York has the perfect solution. They recently auctioned off a 100-carat, emerald cut internally flawless diamond. It’s the largest of its clarity and cut ever shown at auction, and was expected to go for around $25 million. Emerald cut isn’t really my thing – I’m more of a cushion cut girl myself, but I could settle for this.

The diamond is one of only six other flawless diamonds over 100 carats have ever been sold at auction. The rarity comes in the flawlessness – diamonds classified as flawless, meaning they are free of internal defects under intense magnification, are exceptionally rare, particularly at larger sizes.

The flawlessness, coupled with the size, is drawing crowds to view the gem. “People everywhere have been drawn to it from across the room and they are in awe of its size, particularly when they put it on their hand,” says Gary Schuler, the head of Sotheby’s jewelry department in New York, told CNN.”They can’t believe there’s a diamond this pure of such impressive scale.”

The diamond recently sold and went for $22.1 million. Time to start saving your pennies, future husband.

[via CNN]

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