Things Got Hilariously Awkward When Katy Perry Brought A Fan Onstage (Video)


Last night Katy Perry joined the Rock In Rio festival stage looking absolutely beautiful in a rainbow pastel wig and a butterfly themed dress that only Katy Perry could pull off. During her set, she decided she wanted to bless a randomly selected fan by bringing one of her “Katy Cats” onstage. She chose a Brazilian fan wearing what I can only assume was a Katy Perry inspired smiley faced bra top and high waisted shorts.

She freaked out just like any other fan would, but then things got weird.

The girl, who definitely appeared to be under the influence of something, tequila or otherwise, got all sorts of touchy feely with KP. Homegirl tried to go all “I Kissed A Girl,” touching, hugging, and kissing her neck. Can you blame her though? She saw her opportunity, and she ran with it. Legendary.

While other certain pop stars may not have taken to this so well, and probably would’ve called for security, Katy took it like a champ. Let’s be real, KP just got back from Burning Man and dated an EDM DJ, so it’s safe to say she’s probably done her fair share of different drugs.

Now if this girl has any recollection of this today, is a whole different story.

[via Shady Music Facts]

Image via YouTube

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