These Guys Made A Hilarious Homecoming Proposal Video And It Honestly Puts Everyone Else To Shame


Ah high school. The days of skipping class to make out with the guy you were totally going to marry and trying to climb the social ladder as fast as possible. While the whole experience was special, there were a few key moments in grades 9-12 that really stand out.

1. Your first love (because, awww).
2. Your first taste at being an adult.
3. And, of course, dances.

High school dances were, without a doubt the best part of the four years. Going shopping for dresses with your friends. Going on your very first crash diet to fit into your sparkly, silver, nightmare of a gown (that conveniently matched your braces!). And stressing about who was going to ask you to be his date, and how he was going to do it. Because if there’s one thing we’ve been good at forever, it’s getting guys to pull grand gestures for us. Usually it involves flowers, candles, and something expensive. But two seniors, George and Adam from Glenbard West High School in Illinois, decided to do something a little…different.

They made a video proposal that looks like it’s straight from a Lonely Island video. And it’s just pure perfection.

If you can’t appreciate a good mustach, a good snap, and a good creamy, upper man thigh, then you really don’t deserve love. Sure, a big wallet is the key to getting the girl. But a big sense of humor? That’s the key to keeping her. So what did Claire and Emma say when they received this piece of art?

HomecomingImage via

Hang on to these two ladies. If they can rock a ‘stache and a sense of humor like that, then they’re keepers for sure. Now come teach college guys how it’s done. I’m pretty sure most of us would love to find a hero out on frat row.

Image via Youtube

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