These Dogs Are Living Better Lives Than You, And They Have The Instagram To Prove It

Rich Dogs Of IG

You know what’s worse than scrolling through Instagram and seeing rich people living better lives than you? Scrolling through Instagram and seeing rich dogs living better lives than you. That’s right. There is an account called Rich Dogs Of Instagram that will literally make you jealous of dogs. They have the yachts. They have the champagne. They have the effing Ray Bans. As much as we want to hate them, they’re so adorable that we can’t help but stalk. Finally, we get to see how the better, furrier half lives.

To block all of the bitch haters.

Totally what my weekends look like, too. JK.

The only thing in my bed is regret.

All I got for my birthday was my parents telling me to get a job.

That’s not what my dog does with my shoes.

Just a casual day of pampering, NBD.

Screw the glass, boss-ass bitches drink from the bottle. #TotalSororityDog

[via Elite Daily, Instagram]

Image via Instagram

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