These Are The Movies Most Likely To Get You Laid


When a guy wants to “watch a movie,” we all know what he really means. Whether he’s taking you on your umpteenth date to a cheesy romantic comedy or it’s a casual Netflix night in, he’ll probably be looking for a little *something something* at the end of the night. They’re boys and we have boobs, so the math just sort of adds up.

But sometimes the wrong movie can throw off your O-game. Tear-jerkers, war films, and movies where you can barely blink to understand what’s going on don’t really put you in the mood. So, a study was done to help all us ladies (and our significant others) get some action on movie nights. They looked at over one-thousand movies, studied their sexy vocabulary, and gave to us a list of the best movies to Netflix and *get laid*.

You’ll be happy to know that among some of the sexiest movies to watch are favorites like “Sex In The City,” “American Pie,” and “Crazy Stupid Love.” The highest percentage of sex talk comes to us from comedy films followed by drama and then romantic comedy genres. They also took a look at actors and found some of the top people mentioning sex were Michael Cera, Seth Rogen, and none other than Ryan Gosling — all hilarious, all bangable. Also, 2011 was the biggest year for sex on the big screen with films like “Anonymous,” “No Strings Attached,” and “Bridesmaids.” With so many great movies to pick from, your night is bound to at least get a PG-13 rating.





Your Netflix queue and your love life can thank me later.


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